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Types of orders in the app feed

  • Buy- An order to purchase a specified stock, option, or cryptocurrency.

  • Sell- An order to sell a previously purchased stock, option, or cryptocurrency.

  • Short- An order to sell a stock that one does not currently own, we understand that not everyone can short stocks so if an alternative put option is available, it will be listed.

  • Cover- An order to buy a stock that was previously shorted.

What is an option?
Buying an option gives you the right to buy (a call) or sell (a put) a stock at a certain price (the strike price) by a set time (expiration date) for a purchase price (premium). When trading options, you have a high risk of losing the entire purchase value, so it is important to follow a portfolio management strategy. Our trade recommendation will state the company, strike price, premium, and price to pay.

Example: Buy Apple $130 calls expiring 9/18/20 at $1.00.
Important Note: Each option contract represents 100 shares, so in this example, each contract purchased would equal $100.00, not $1.00.

General Portfolio Management Tips

Everyone has different levels of risk tolerance and investment goals. At IntelliTrade, we only provide recommendations on a group basis, and not on an individual level. When placing stock and cryptocurrency trades, we recommend no more than 10% of capital to be placed on any single trade. For options, we suggest at most 1% of the portfolio value since they often expire worthless (refer to "What is an option" above).

Examples below with a $10,000 trading account:

  • IntelliTrade recommends buying stock in Apple, you should buy $1,000 of Apple stock.

  • IntelliTrade recommends shorting Apple Stock, you should only short $1,000 of Apple stock.

  • IntelliTrade recommends buying the Apple $130 call at $1.00 a contract, since each contract is for 100 shares, the cost is $100 ($1.00 X 100) per contract, one should only buy one contract.

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